Product information

SSBR (solution polymerization styrene-butadiene rubber)


SSBR is a type of SBR with special type of molecular structure, with good processability and dynamic properties. It is used for high-performance and fuel-efficient tires.

Our SSBR is highly valued as a raw material of a fuel-efficient tire known as an “eco-friendly tire,” due to its excellent industry-leading properties suited for fuel-efficient tires and wet grip performance. The market of S-SBR is currently observing the tightening regulations on automobile fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on a global basis, the dissemination of a rating system for fuel efficiency of tires in Japan, Europe, and Korea, and the expected introduction of such a rating system in many other countries in the future. Under these circumstances, the demand for S-SBR for fuel-efficient tires is expected to expand.

SSBR is mainly used in the tire tread of automobiles. The tread is the only part of the tire which comes into contact with the road’s surface, and contributes to break performance (gripping power) and fuel efficiency (rolling resistance). The rolling resistance of a tire has an impact of approximately 15% on fuel consumption, of which the tread has an impact of approximately 50%.

For the vehicle as a whole, the tread component has an impact of 7.5% on fuel consumption.