Mission, Vision & Corporate Values

EMSR mission | EMSR vision | EMSR corporate values


EMSR mission

We meet our customer’s needs by providing a global supply of clean, reliable and cutting edge products.


EMSR vision

Market leader in producing high quality and eco-friendly synthetic rubber, committed to continuous improvement of processes, products and staff in a safety first environment.


EMSR corporate values

First we understand our customer to improve our processes and produce high quality products, approximating cross-functional collaboration while teaching each other and sharing our best practices.


Customer focusPinpointed customer focus helps us to be up-to-date about customer needs which leads us to market-leading position.


ReliabilityUpholding high quality and safety in production leads to a reliable product enabling us to be the market leader.


ExpertiseThrough expertise we can achieve continuous improvement concerning processes, products and people which leads to a high quality product and allows for a  market-leading position.


Safety firstOnly a safety first attitude provides sustainable operation and satisfied people with high-quality production.


EMSR mission | EMSR vision | EMSR corporate values